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Spam attack against my tikiwiki site

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Hi! My tikiwiki site is http://www.ehu.es/arkitekturahiztegia/tiki-index.php and, as you can see at the bottom, I have been attacked or spammed.

Does someone know how to take that rubbish out? Thank's.

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Your site (not necessarily Tiki) has been hacked. Someone edited the TPL files or PHP and added those items. You'll need to remove them from the affected file(s).

Also, confirm that your permissions are set properly on your host directories — someone has permission to edit/overwrite your Tiki files!


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Thank you for your fast reply. I'll look for those edited files... frown

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One more question: What do you think? The attack was against the root server, or against the database?
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Hey, Unai, "Kaixo"! and welcome to Tikiwiki Community!

This reminds me of a security hole that was discovered in an old version of tikiwiki, and patched/secured many months ago.

Since Tiki 2.0 is the new official and stable release (after more than 3 years of development), I would suggest you to upgrade your tiki installation straight away, to ensure that you have the most secure and update Tiki stable release.

BTW, looking at the source code of your homepage, it looks like the spammers add that through some modified file in your webserver, not database (I'm not specialist, it's just a guess). If you don't find the hacked file, you could just start over again with your new Tiki 2.0 and upgrade your Tiki 1.9.x database (see docs: Upgrade)

Ask again if in doubt.

Cheers (and "Agur")


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Salutacions cordials, Xavi!!!

I think that I have found the problem. I don't know how, but someone changed two files in the root server: tiki-index.php and index.php files. The problem is that the server doesn't leave me to change them (it owns to the Basque University, and they have some kind of security system. Anyway, I have already ask someone in the University to help me).

You're right, I must upgrade to Tiki 2.0.

Moltes gracies! Adeu!

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A pleasure to help (and a pleasure to see the first Tiki with content in Basque - Euskera! ;-)

Off topic: Where did you learn those Catalan words? razz
(I once met a person from Bergara called also Unai, who could also say some words in Catalan... And due to him and some other friends from there, some people learned a couple of words in Euskera....)

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The Tiki is a spanish-basque architecture dictionary that some teachers of the Basque University are doing little by little. I know we don´t use Tiki's all features (we do only use the wiki and the forum), but that way it works enough for us.

I don't know catalan, I would like to. Those are just a few simple words. I'm not from Bergara, but from Gasteiz.


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