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Problem with line spacing in wysiwyg editor (differece in editor vs final text)

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Hi guys,

I hope I'm posting in the right place. I have just barely (never did that before) upgraded our tikiwiki to latest version only because it has now wysiwyg editor integrated. I really like it, so much better than simple wiki editing. Only problem I have is that the text, namely line spacing, looks different in edit mode than in final "submited" text. If this is by design, is there a way how to tell the editor to make the final text look like in edit mode? I'm aware of the difference in line spacing when i write one long text which takes up more than one line, use of shift+enter and enter alone.

Here a 2 samples i have in mind:


submited text:


It would be also great if there is some easy way to swap the functions of "shift+enter" and "enter".


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Hi Ulukai, and Welcome to Tikiwiki Community smile

I'm not a coder, and I don't know the answer to your question. But I would suggest you to try the new patch on the way for Wysiwyg and provide feedback to the author, so that it can be fine tuned, and suggested to be added to a new bug/fix release 2.1.

The patch is attached to this bug report:

Review the comments on the tracker item, first, for you to know the "state of the art". And please, keep comments on that patch as comments to that tracker item.


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I have installed (hope this works through simple file copy on ftp) that patch and now it happens when I create a link to other wiki page in wysiwyg editor, that after i try to edit the page, next to links are displayed links in "normal syntax" like way. Something like this Image
where the first ConceptArt is underlined. I can't even save this page anymore.

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big thank you for that link to patch, that was another big problem i recently found. Thanks again.

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