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Not sure if this is the right place but sure that you can help.

I wonder why I can't see the source code of HomePage of doc.tikiwiki.org. Even though I'm a registered user, I'm not offered to see the source code of the page.

For all other documentation I can even modify the pages.

It would be great to see how the "professional" tikiwiki people use the system as others can learn from it.

Thanks for your work and best regards,


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Hi Andreas, and welcome to TikiWiki Community! smile

Thanks for your message, you are very right, it was not available by our mistake (there are many things to improve here and there...). Fixed (viewable by registered, right now: try again)

You are very welcome to help us improve the tw.o sites, as soon as you learn how to do things! and Documentation is a very valuable place which needs lots of care to keep it updated and user friendly, etc.



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Hi Xavi,

thanks for the very quick response!


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