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wiki group pages permissions

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I am trying to manage several groups using tikiwiki. Each group will have a wiki so, what I have thought is that only pages creates by group 1 can not be edit by group2...

is it possible?

What I have seen is that you can assign permission to the pages but it would be one by one. It would be interesting that if the wiki page is create by a user of the group 1, this page could not be edited by group 2.

thank you.

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Hi Miguel:

You can try with the option in "Admin > Groups > edit your group1 of users > seelct category X by default to the objects created by that group of users".
and then, add the restrictive perms in that category, in order that only users in group X are able to see and/or edit the groups in that category.
and the same with group2, category 2, etc.

This is repeating by hand, keeping control of all datails, of what Mod AulaWiki does automatically, but workspaces are for advanced admins. If y ou are a newbie, just start doing things by hand, until you master how Tiki handles objects, permissions, categories, etc.

and Welcome to TikiWiki Community! smile
P.S. where are you from?

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Hi again,

thank you for your welcome. I am from spain. I m currently trying tiki wiki to manage several wikis for independent proyects.

Thank you for your response but it is still not very clear for me.
I have created a category, let's call it, group1 category.
I can edit the group1 category permissions:

Group Permission Action
project1 tiki_p_view_categories Remove from this Category Only (Remove from this Category & all its Children)

But I can not find edit permissions.

Then I go to "Admin > Groups > edit your group1 of users (project1) > and add this new category -> group1 category

I don't know how manage the permissions. Should I remove edit permissions to registered users? add edit permissions to proyect1 group users?

thank you.