Tracker Action Field, anyone have any info?

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I'm looking for any kind of docs on the Tracker Action Field. It looks very useful, but I can't find instructions.


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Hi freeman57:

I tried long ago (4 years ago, or so) and it was very useful indeed, even if it was not working out of the box for me. I had to find out the names of the fields of the forms that I wanted to send the url to, and they were not easy to find for me (a newbie by then; well, I?m still a bit newbie, anyway...)

In my case I managed to subscribe with the action field people to an email list managed by mailan, providing name, surname and email from the data in the tiki tracker field.

Is that enough for you to start palygin with the Action Field?


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From the descr. in 3.1,
added the descriptions:

label probably form name
post probably 1 for method "post", 0 for method "get"
tiki-index.php where to send formdata to
page:fieldname hmm, is this a list or assignment?

Either of the last 2 could be a mapping of tracker-field -> form-data-name
probably the latter

I'll see if I will check tomorrow...

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