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Architecture / Installation

TW 3.0 to 3.1 upgrade procedure?

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My admin page tells me:

Current version is up to date : 3.0
A new stable major release branch is available.

Is there a special procedure for upgrading TW 3.0 to 3.1?

I have a customized tikinewt.css with extra styles, and an extra directory full of images, but apart from that I'm running a stock TikiWiki 3.0.

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No special procedure. Just unpack the 3.1 compressed file over the previous 3.0 installation, and perform a db upgrade as what you did when you did the upgrade2to3

Could you please create a page at the Documentation describing the procedure you did? so that others know the procedure when reading the docs...

Thanks in advanced for contributin to the Documentation to help keeping it alive among all of us smile

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Hi mheller:

thanks! I renamed the page and edited a bit so that it is also useful for next releases of tiki 3 (the procedure is not expected to change within branch 3):

And I added it to the structure (structures are not 100% bug free for really huge structures, like in the Documentation. So that only editors in doc.tw.o areallowed to edit that "delicate" big structure