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Does anyone know how to create an RSS feed for each particular wiki page instead of a global RSS feed monitoring all of the wiki pages ?

Many thanks,


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Welcome Crazyghandi to Tikiwiki Community! smile

And why not just using page "Watches"?

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thanx for your reply.
The problem is I must absolutely use rss.
Do you think it can be developed ? Has anyone ever tried ?
I'm looking over the rss lib files and the sql tables it doesn't look easy any suggestions ?

I have another question : how can we edit the icon buttons in the top right corner of the middle div ? I would like to add .pdf and .doc downloads of a wiki page.

thanks again

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It can be created. The present Wiki RSS feed program has no parameters, but others do. For example, tiki-blog_rss.php has to be told the blog ID to return data for. One could even add an optional second parameter to specify what kind of data should be returned by the RSS feed, as there are several possibilities: Page's entire contents, changes made, change description, permissions. Yes, they all could be returned every time, but you might want to minimize the overhead for RSS feeds and some people might have 5MB pages.

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I see I was ambiguous. By "It can be created" I meant that a programmer would have to create that kind of RSS feed. You can't yet subscribe to an RSS feed of a single page.

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