Looking for tutorial for porting wordpress themes and plugins.

I'm not really happy with the wordpress CMS but I love some of their themes. Can someone help me get started in porting a few of the wordpress themes to be used with tiki?

There's no tutorial about porting themes to Tikiwiki. What I do is save the page source of a wordpress theme (or other suitably licensed theme) and also have the theme's download package on hand. Sometimes the graphics can be used as is, but sometimes they need to be changed or backgrounds can be done more efficiently another way. I more or less look what CSS selectors are used to style the wordpress theme and find the equivalent selectors in Tikiwiki, which I give the properties to (side column, menu items, page or post title, etc.).

If you get a theme like GreenBlog from themes.tikiwiki.org, the version for Tiki 3 or Tiki 4 (recommended), its CSS file is quite a bit smaller than those that come with Tikiwiki, and so it's probably easier to see what is really necessary to style.

A problem, or joy if you like to do it, is that Tikiwiki has several times more page types to style than Wordpress, so you'll need to decide how to extend the basic look to also cover forums, galleries, trackers (tabbed forms), admin pages and others. These mostly use global styles, but they also have some unique parts.

Also, Tikiwiki's configurability is another challenge, as we have to try to make things look nice in every combination of features turned on and off, and with side columns on or off, site header parts left and right, and so on, at least in the case of themes for distribution. It's much easier if you just need to be sure the style is good for one particular configuration of features.

See themes.tikiwiki.org for more information, though the code is moving faster than the docs, unfortunately, and you could look at how some of those themes are done.

-- Gary

Thanks, I'll take a look at this stuff.