Eatlon for 4.0?


Anyone know if there are plans for Eatlon to be updated for 4.0 or is it to be dropped for distribution?
Its not listed as either updated or soon-to-be over in the themes site.

Great! Thanks, Gary.


My apology, I just sent an email (with my personal account to you Eatlon letting you know that your "sample page" is infected.

Here is the email I sent:


Title: Your site


My name is Daniel. I'm a volunteer for tikiwiki.org

and found that your theme is appearing in the list of possible downloads. The problem is that when we go to your page, we get an "infected" domain alert.

Here is where we see your theme: h ttp://themes.tikiwiki.org/tiki-index.php

Then, if you go to: http://themes.tikiwiki.org/Eatlon

you will see on this page that the link leading to your web site:

" You can see the original here (cache). "

Where "here" links to the above mentionned.

leads to an infected page When we click on "here"

Sir/Madam, the cache is fine. See:


Can we trouble you to repair the probable virus dectected.

The tikiwiki.org is now working on v4 going fast toward v5 and the theme you submitted is not up to date.

Please advise when you will have corrected the situation else in one week (unless you write to us indicating you will correct the situation but need more time) we will remove your theme from one of the available theme on tikiwiki.org.


Daniel Gauthier


and I c.c.'d your guys on this.



If I understand correctly, the web site of the original Eatlon theme causes the "infected" alert? Eatlon was done originally as a generic HTML template and was freely licensed, so I did a version for Tiki. The original designer didn't do the Tiki theme and as far as I know isn't even aware that there is a Tiki version.

The Eatlon theme files are at Tiki's Subversion repository, and the support and maintenance of the theme is done mainly by me. The files themselves are safe
to use, in case anyone isn't sure.

I removed the link from http://themes.tikiwiki.org/Eatlon to the original author's site. I noticed that the eatlon.com pages hadn't been updated for a long time, but the last time I checked, there was no virus threat there. Anyway, thanks for noticing and reporting to the site owner about the virus there, but again he has nothing to do with the Tiki adaptation of the theme.

-- Gary