indent menu items

I've noticed some themes have menu items aligned perfect where other themes don't have the folder icon hanging.

In otherwords menu items that don't have a folder in front of them need to be indented a little so they align nicely with the beginning of the text in menu items that do have a folder.

Would someone be kind enough to help a noob edit his css file to make this adjustment?

many thanks in advance


the theme I'm currently using and most interested in modifying is the 'business' theme...


This seems like a good topic for a wiki page, so I made one at http://themes.tikiwiki.org/Menu+styling that you can have a look at. I'll add more information on that page as time permits.

In the case of the Business theme, I see its stylesheet already has the classes listed but has no values specified. This is kinda sloppy coding style and should be corrected. But anyway, rather than edit business.css itself for your site, it'd be a good idea to add a "custom.css" file to styles/business/ at your site, that contains any CSS modifications you want to make. This file will override the stylesheet. Then your changes will be safe in an upgrade.

-- Gary

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