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New File Gallery Quota Feature in 4.1 Breaks Unzip Feature When Using Database

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I have documented this bug elsewhere, but want to see if anyone else has any ideas.

In Tiki 4.1, when the File Gallery feature is configured to store files in the MySQL database (rather than a file directory) and the new File Gallery Quota feature is left to it's default values (or any values for that matter),...

it is no longer possible to upload a zip file and - at the same time - unzip the contents into the selected "directory". A hack to "filegallib.php" - documented in the bug tracker mentioned above - circumvents the new quota feature and allows uploading and unzipping to be restored. Uploading multiple files one at a time is broken with the hack, though.

The "filegallib.php" file in 4.1 has been changed a lot since 3.3, especially in the "process_batch_file_upload" function.

If anyone knows of a cleaner hack/fix, I'd appreciate any help.

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hi edmund.

Workaround: use file system instead.

Sylvieg recently coded the feature to move from db to file system for file galleries. It's in branch proposed/4.x, so it will be available in 4.2 (whenever it gets released), or you can apply the changes manually to yor site to have this improvement.

See dev:Download for links to get code from subversion.


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Thanks. Yes it does help.

Question...__is the option to store files directly
in the database completely going away in favor of
the file system option?__

If so, I need to do some serious data migration to
adjust for this change.

Thanks again,


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no, both systems will be supported (files in db or in file system). Both have their advantages and disadvantages

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