Login/logout disappeared.

Thanks to Gary, I managed to install the ))MilkyWay(( theme. However now the login/logout in the topright corner has disappeared. When I refresh the page just for a very short moment it is visible and then it's gone. The only user is me, the admin, at the moment. I should be able to log out, isn't it. Is this a problem with MilkyWay? Or do I have to change Preferences somewhere? Anyway, what is the solution? Thanks in advance!

Gary Cunningham-Lee/Gary
I tried to reply to your help message but that didn't work as you can see by my previous post. So here a big thank you!


It's a problem with the theme, which I'll fix as soon as possible. In the meantime, if you can use the login module in a side column and turn off the site header login, that'd be a temporary workaround.

-- Gary