Customize CK editor Toolbar

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how to customize wiki : ckeditor 3.2 toolbar in tw5.0

I could not able to locate the file which has toolbar configuration for ckeditor.
Also the toolbar admin page is not having way to customize ckeditor toolbar in tikiwiki5.0

any help would be helpful

Thanks in advance

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I have the same issue. Did you find a solution yet?

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improved in Tiki6, afaik. (ckeditor became "THE" wysiwyg editor)

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Still can someone point out what file should be edited to edit the ckeditor 3.2 toolbar in tw6.x.

The regular ckeditor 3.2 config.js doesn't seam to be used in Tiki Wiki.

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If you can't edit that through the "Admin > Toolbars" option in the main application menu (as admin) in Tiki 6.x, then, please, fill in a bug report about it.