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HowTo GraphViz?

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I'm using an OpenSuse server and root-installed the actual GraphViz bundle. It works fine in the console. I can easily create whatever graph I want.
I now want to use GraphViz to display FlowCharts in my Tiki and to use the hyperlink option to navigate to each part of the FlowChart, thus I would need a GraphViz integration to Tiki.

Therefore I found this http://tiki.org/tiki-index.php?page=InstallGraphViz and that http://doc.tikiwiki.org/tiki-index.php?page=GraphViz+Install on the tiki.org pages.

I couldn't actually figure out how to integrate a graphviz diagramm into my tiki page. what wiki code would I need to integrate graphviz/dot code in my page and do I need another plugin for Tiki to use these 'interactive graphs'?
I read something about wikigraph, but am not sure if this helps with this special issue....

thanks a lot


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Hi ronny, and welcome to Tiki Community! smile

I've had a go to graphviz, since I remembered from years ago that it looked a useful application to visualize graphs, etc. And I managed to make it work with plugin wkigraph (in mods) with Tiki 3 LTS (but not with the current trunk, the future 6 LTS):


I have no idea about the syntax needed to work (I'm newbie in graphviz)