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Features / Usability

A different homepage for logged in users

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New user here...

I'm using Tiki as an online repository for my ancestry research. At the moment I don't intend to publicise it - not very communal, anyway...

I'd like to keep a general, ambiguous, homepage for people who happen to stumble on my site. However, after logging in I want the main wiki page to be more informative.

I have scoured Tiki documentation and tried to work through php files to see where I could implement this, without success.

So I'd be very grateful for any assistance anyone might be able to offer.

Many thanks,


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see doc.tiki.org/plugingroup. it is btw already used when installing tw (but only when selecting engl. if I remember correctly) when having more questions please come to the irc channel #tikiwiki.

Have fun

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Moreover , you can select which homepage you want for registered users (or for users with any other default group).In "admin > groups", select homepage for that group.

And somewhere else in admin panels, you can enable different homepages per group. (I don't remember the wording)

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Hi Carsten, Xavi.

Thanks for the replies. I didn't have chance to apply your suggestions until recently, hence my slooooow response. Sorry.

Anyway, how easy was that?

Next up, restricting visitor permissions to viewing only. But that's a different story for another time.

I very much appreciate the help.