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JMol Plugin?

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Is there a way to show chemical structures with JMol? I searched, but not successful.
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Hi chemistry2004 and welcome to Tiki community! smile

It should be fairly easy (I haven't tried myself, I'm from the biology-ecology field, not from the chemistry or molecular biology world!): for what I've seen in the jmol website, you need to use the Javascript library (LGPL!, so you could hire a coder to integrate that into tiki, if needed!, since that's the same ocpyright license as Tiki's)

I guess that you need to place your js files somewhere in your server, and then use the PluginJS to have your Jmol animations shown.

For applets, you could try the PluginHTML instead.

Ask again if in doubt or you need any more help.


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Thanks Xavi,

Thanks. It is working. There are two problems I face. The first is calling jmol.js file through absolute url, is it possible to have relative url. The second problem is admin approval requirement for every page. Can this be made automatic for a group, say JmolUsers


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