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Features / Usability

Re: Twiki Intranet and feature questions

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Hi Spencer, and welcome to Tiki community! smile

Tiki will allow you to do all those things you say, in an integrated manner.
Please have a look at the Documentation on:

  • Trackers and the tracker-related plugins (bundled within tiki code base), for that customized directory, searchable, query-able, etc. There is some learning curve, but I can tell you for sure that you'll love them when you start using them. You can have your own simple tracker for testing with the profile "Simple bug tracker", for instance, or the "Company directory"... Search in http://profiles.tiki.org
  • Most (if not all) what you can do with wordpress can be achieved with Tiki. See:


Ask again if still in doubt.

Welcome to Tiki ;-)

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