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Thanks mich.
To extend ricks99's answer...

Rick Sapir / Tiki for Smarties wrote:
Rick Sapir / Tiki for Smarties wrote:

Hi, and welcome to the Tiki Community! Thanks for offering to assist with the Danish translation.

Please visit http://i18n.tiki.org/ to become a Tiki translator.

For background on Tiki's unique Interactive Translation method, please see http://info.tiki.org/article160-Interactive-Multilingual-Crowdsourcing-translations-with-Tiki

Thank you for the reply. I've watched Philippe Back's video and no doubt it makes a meaningful translation easier to see the text in context.

A few additional questions, though.
As I mentioned i my original post, I've already done a bit of work. Is there any way to get that merged into your current language.php, or do I have to type it all in once more?

Request commit access and commit your improvements into (at least) proposals/6x. See through the page Commit to learn how to get commit access, and where to commit to that branch.

The best thing would be that you also commit your changes to "Trunk". Request help on Irc when you are to do that for the first time.

mich wrote:
When I translate something as shown in the video, how and when do I get the language.php that I expect to be the result?

Log in as admin to your site, and go to this type of url:


(where X is the language code for your language)

mich wrote:

Quite frankly, I do this translation because I need it. And I need it now and not when the next Tiki version is released. smile


Good luck, and post any further question that you have here (and consider helping others when you know the answer :-) Otherwise, getting answers in forums is not sustainable.
And for urgent things, consider asking them on the Irc channel. There are higher chances to get more feedback in the European afternoon/evening (when Canadian and USA tikizens are awake also)