(Solved) Thank you, Rick - Left vertical menu not showing new features?

Answer: Configure the 'users' profile after initiating new features. IE> Configure Anon, Registered, etc to be able to see the feature and use it.

Kudos to Rick for his help.

I'm new to tiki, and I thank you in advance. I know that you're all as busy or busier than myself.

Problem: In fivealive theme, collaborative community profile, tiki 7.1 - The left menu doesn't show new features that I've activated in admin.

The left menu DOES show the features when I'm logged in as admin, but registered, anon, etc. will not show the features.

I've look everywhere but cannot find where/how to add the features to this menu itself ("menu"; id#42).

I have Rick's book Essentials, but still have not been able to find the correct place to configure the features so they show correctly on the menu.

Any help/direction to the correct documentation would be very much appreciated.
Colton Cooper