Re: Can I edit the Doc's?

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Yes, please, sirmonkey, help the community to have the docs updated, and simple to understand for new users.
Try now again (you have been added to the DocContributors group.

sirmonkey wrote:

Can I edit the Doc's?
and if so, how? i click edit and all it said was TOC(permissions maybe?). all i really want do to is add an image with cheat sheet info for site contributors

i ask because the docs from a few years ago(last time i used tikiwiki) where understandable for humans. Now i can't even understand the wiki-syntax page.

I'm serious

go find a regular person. and ask them to add a link on a bland tikiwiki install. and then when they ask how give them that link.

I tired some of the stuff it says there and some of it works. most doesn't and the stuff that i used to do works fine but isn't there.

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