Documentation for customizing v. 8.1?

I just installed the latest stable version and am asking what any new developer should be asking up front... how do I customize the header, footer, colors, text, etc. Obvious questions, right? So far I have been down many rat holes reading documentation that shows Admin options that don't exist in 8.1. So, where is the 8.1 documentation on how to do simple things like replace the header? (Not just the logo - that was obvious from going through the admin look & feel screens). And what happened to "Edit CSS"? Does 8.1 replace that with some other method? I'm evaluating Tiki to use on several websites, all needing custom look and feel.



Like in earlier Tiki versions, the header, footer, colors, text, etc., are modified by adding CSS, either as a new theme stylesheet or a theme option or adding custom CSS on the Look and Feel admin page.

For Tiki 7, a lot of what used to be in the Look and Feel admin section got moved to the Admin Modules page, because we decided to use modules as the containers for content not only in the side columns but also the page top and bottom. There is some information at http://themes.tiki.org/Theme+header+modules regarding the page top specifically.

The available information on template (.tpl) files is mostly out of date, but template file editing is discouraged anyway because it makes updating the site harder (it's hard to keep customized files in sync with the default files, which change fairly rapidly). Since you can have custom user modules, any customization you would have done in the L&F custom code textareas can now be done as custom module content. Just use the nobox=y parameter, and the module content will be displayed without the normal module title and graphic box, etc.

To change the site appearance, you need to identify the relevant CSS selectors, like with Firefox's Firebug add-on, and apply your CSS to the selectors. This is pretty much the same procedure as with earlier Tiki versions.

I haven't tried the edit-CSS feature for a while so don't know how it's working currently. I don't really think of it as a solution for developers so much as one for site users that want to tweak the site appearance for their own use.

-- Gary - zukakakina.com

Thanks for your quick and thorough reply. I will take a look at the Admin modules page and other areas you have recommended.

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