Convert a drupal theme to a tiki theme

Hi all,

Is there a more or less simple way to convert a drupal theme to a tiki theme?



There's no way such as a script or converter to do that. When I looked into the possibility of a mapping method a while back, I found that themes for Drupal, Wordpress, Joomla and others (each) use a varying set of CSS selectors, or even varying HTML in their templates (from one Drupal theme to another, for example), so a one-to-one CSS selector correspondence between the outside theme and the Tiki theme isn't possible, or at least not easy.

To some extent you can add the Drupal CSS rules as they are to your Tiki theme stylesheet, such as for body {font-family: }, but without the direct correspondence between most Drupal and Tiki elements, you have to examine the Drupal theme as it displays in the browser, use an inspector like Firebug to see what CSS rule is controlling each case, and apply this to the corresponding Tiki element (also looking at the Firebug view of the relevant Tiki page).

We're looking at simplifying and reorganizing Tiki's theming, so hopefully this will be easier in maybe Tiki 11 or 12 smile.

-- Gary - zukakakina.com