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as noted during the October 18 Webinar, the generated documentation appears to show many files with errors.

upon inspection, it seems many of these 'errors' are simply the wrong type of comment declaration, so the API generation script has not seen the comments

I'm going through and changing the comment type so that it is discoverable, I wanted to make note of my efforts here, so we can avoid duplication.

I'm not making any code changes at this time ... merely the changing commenting from
// descriptive comment
 * PHPdoc comment
as folders are completed, I'll add a reply to this topic - hopefully in this way, we can quickly resolve the simple errors and have the beginnings of a clean, usable API documentation set
posts: 16

so far, I've excluded the following directories from my checking:

  • dump
  • files
  • img
  • lang
  • lib/adodb
  • lib/ckeditor
  • lib/codemirror
  • lib/core/zend
  • lib/ezcomponents
  • lib/fullcalendar
  • lib/html5shil
  • lib/htmlpurifier
  • lib/jcapture
  • lib/jquery
  • lib/jquery.s5
  • lib/jquery.sheet
  • lib/jscalendar
  • lib/mobileesp
  • lib/pclzip
  • lib/pear/Text
  • lib/phpcas
  • lib/rangy
  • lib/simile_timeline
  • lib/smarty
  • lib/svg-edit
  • lib/test/vfsStream
  • temp
  • templates_c
  • whelp

there seems little point in testing the external libraries, as these would be over-written with each fresh import

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