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Item Link reflecting tracker entries rather than assigned field options.

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I've posted this in the bugs area but haven't gotten any type of response for it. I know I shouldn't be posting again in another area but I need to know if a solution is available...

Currently I'm following the guide to create Dynamic Items List found here: http://doc.tiki.org/Dynamic+items+list

I've followed it all the way but there seems to be a problem with the "Operating System" drop down menu. I keep getting a reflection of the tracker items rather than the 2 options specified in the "internal" tracker dropdown. I've added a screenshot of what I mean, this is in the "external" tracker.

Is there anything different that I should be doing in 10.x that's not specified in the doc?

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Hi Matthew,

I cannot tell you a solution, but the issue seems to be very important to you.

I am going to develop a website with a huge complex survey form, which I will do with trackers, so I will very presumably stumble over the same issue. At the moment I have not so much time to look into this issue, as I have to finish up a lot of old stuff first.

At least I can tell you, that I watch the thread now and you can contact me if you want to discuss the issue ... maybe we meet in the IRC someday in the evening.


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