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I have a horizontal menu at the top of my page, with some submenus which open up when you hold the mouse over the menu item.

There is a slight delay in showing and hiding the submenu.

Can I remove this delay so that the menu shows instantly?

I am currently upgrading to tiki 10.0.

Thanks in advance

Czech Republic

Tiki does not set one. It is default 800 from Superfish JS.


Search for delay.

You can override using jQuery Smarty block in Look & Feel admin panel > Customization > Custom JavaScript textarea:

	speed: 'fast', // faster animation speed, already set by Tiki
	delay: 0 // no delay, default is 800

Thanks for the suggestion. Sorry that it has taken me so long to reply but I was on vacation last week.

Adding your code as custom javascript kind of works.

Firstly, it seems like clicking apply is not enough. I have to actively refresh the page before it has any effect. That is not a problem, but it caused some initial confusion.

Using this code has some side effects. In particular, the width of the drop down menus is reduced to about half of the original width, so that the menus appear very narrow.

I also think that the autoArrows parameter somehow gets set to 0.

I'm not familiar enough with javascript or with tiki to figure this out (within a reasonable amount of time), but it isn't a big deal anyway.

Thanks again for the help,

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