Fancy Table Heading CSS Class Modification

United States

Hello All;
Using the documentation, I have not be able to modify the Heading Text using the Fancy Table plugin.
I running 10.3,
have placed the following in both the "Custom CSS" and Custom HTML windows in the customization portion in "Look and Feel":

link rel="stylesheet" href="css/custom.css" type="text/css" ( including the appropriate start and end tags )

where custom.css is the CSS file containing the CSS classes I wish to use. One of those classes is called .lmheading1 and is defined as:

.lmheading1 {
color: #ffcc00
font-weight: bold;

In the parameter Heading CSS Class I have ".lmheading1" but the heading is not appearing as defined.
I have cleared tiki caches, cleared browser caches and bypassed the CDN I'm using all to no avail. Any ideas? Thx in advance for your input.