Second bottom module area?

I was wondering if it was at all possible to add an extra space for modules through my css file. I've attached an image of what I am thinking of adding. This implementation can be flexible whether it is a part of the main body or footer. If someone could help me out with how this would fit in with the lite.css it would be greatly appreciated.

Essentially the reason I want to do this is I want a second banner area at the bottom of the page and I thought doing it through a theme would be easier than creating a custom module.


Hi Matthew,

in general it is possible. You can add an additional custom section in the tiki-admin_modules.php.

Afaik you must alter the template tiki.template by copying it from the folder /templates to /templates/styles/mythemename.

This copy you can customise and add the "botbar" section, which you then add in tiki-admin_modules.php at the very bottom.

What you want to do is NOT possible with CSS only, as the different areas/sections you reffer to in your file are defined via smarty code in the .tpl files and then designed in the .css files.

You cannot design something which does not exist.

Custom module by the way is not so difficult as you think - your development approach is much more advanced than custom module.

Anyway there is s.th. unclear in your question:
On the one hand you though about a solution made with a custom module would maybe too advanced/complicated, but then ...
you ask about the creation of another area to apply modules to.

That are two completely different things.

By the way, did you read the documentation about banners?


Sorry that I wasn't clear about it. I've attached what it is I want to do. Essentially I want to add a section where I can put logos of partners onto my site. Now the footer area is black which clashes with some of the logos hence I wanted to introduce another area which I could make grey.

The reason I was talking about css over modules is that I found there is more information for me to modify css than there is to create a custom module, for example I don't know how to get the module to span across the length of the page or to give it a background colour. I do however know how to do these things in CSS so I was thinking of being able to do this in CSS and just mockup a custom module sticking in the logos and putting it over the newly created area.

If you would be able to suggest a possible implementation for this it would be greatly appreciated.


Hi, I say it in short, as I am in a hurry:


#footer {
    background-image: url ('mystyle/bgpicture.png') repeat-x ;



Hi Torsten,

To avoid a CSS validation error, if both the url and repeat value are specified, the property should be background rather than background-image, like:

#footer {background: url('mystyle/bgpicture.png') repeat-x;}

-- Gary



I wonder if it wouldn't be easier to just use the bottom modules zone for the second banner: just make the banner the top-most module in that zone and use CSS to make it full width, specify a bottom margin, or whatever. Then the other bottom modules would appear below it. Wouldn't this have the same effect as a separate zone (which I think would be quite a bit more work)? If you make modified versions of template files, you also run the risk of their becoming outdated, as the default files continue to be developed.

-- Gary

Hi Gary, thanks for your answer. Please refer to my reply above. It does sound like your idea makes sense but I am unsure on how to implement this.


It's easy to make a custom module. You can use HTML or wiki syntax, so in this case you could probably make a div to contain the logos. When assigning it, specify nobox=y so only the module data is displayed, with no module borders, etc. You can give it a "containing class" class name in order to target it for styling, or just assign it and check the page source to see what class or id Tiki gives it. This module (div) would be 100% wide (full width of the module zone) and would have a background color to distinguish it, as in your design image.

The module zone itself would have its own background color, and the modules it contains would have no background, to implement your design. Any top border on the module zone or footer would probably have to be changed to a bottom border on the custom module, to visually separate the lower modules.

How does that sound?

-- Gary

Is there an example you could provide?

Hey guys, I keep getting emails saying you've posted something but it keeps disappearing on me.

Anyway I've tried something on my own and you can see it in the attachment, but it isn't spanning the full length of my page. Is this something I can fix?

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