Tiki and PluginR

Tiki and PluginR

Choosing the size of the RR plugin picture output

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Hello, me again with a simple question :

- How to define the size of the picture output?

... As I'm heavily using faceting, I'm a bit stuck with this issue...


Does strictly nothing

Nor does work : png("output.png",width=1200)

In Rstudio all I have to do is to zoom... But in the RR plugin I can't figure out what does not work...

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Hi Joël:

I've tested in a local new installation with plugin RR 0.80 and that param width works as expected for me.

Could it be a ache issue: you get your image rebuilt with the new width, but you are still viewing the old one in your browser for some reason???

That's the simple syntax I used (taken from profile r_test)

{RR(width="800", echo="1")}

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Yup Using a cache clean and a CTRL+R fixed the problem, thanks!
However I'm still stuck with a aspect ratiom problem : It seems that it doesn't adapt the height to keep the ratio... Or should I set a ratio in R ggplot ?

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