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Placing a screen capture at the right place

I want to place a menu screen capture (v 11) where it belongs in the documentation section except that I don't know where I should.

I just created a new menu on the tv.tiki.org side.
If you look at this menu admin screen capture:


Plus: Question re the bottom text messages:

While at it, please can you tell me what are the two text boxes for at the bottom of the screen where it says: Sections and permissions.


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Hi Daniel,

I'm not sure what your question is. What page do you want to put the screen capture image on? The menu configuration item that we can see in the image you linked to seems good, although it should be an option rather than a menuSection if it has no child items.

I'm not sure about the "section" item but the "permissions" item is to assign specific permissions to control the visibility of the menu item. However, the menu item should already display or not display depending on the user's permissions to see the page or other object the menu item points to. In other words, the view/access permissions for the linked-to object also control the visibility of object's menu item.

-- Gary

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Hi Daniel,

I do not understand your first question.

You might clarify it a bit or skype me, if you want.

for this:

> Plus: Question re the bottom text messages:

What you mean? what bottom text messages?

> While at it, please can you tell me what are the two text boxes for at the bottom of the screen where it says: Sections and permissions.

Sections means literally some major features ...
... you can limit the visibility of a menu item to one or several main features like forum, blog, wiki, cms (cms=articles), tracker, etc.

Permissions allows you to determine which permission a user must have (literally via group permissions) to be able to view this menu item.
For example, if you put in here tiki_p_edit, thenthis menu item appears only foir users who have edit permissions, so like editors or so ...
... if you put in tiki_p_admin, then only poeple with admin permissions view this menu item.

This gives you more flexibility and less need to use a lot of groups in the drop down menu.

Imagine, that several groups can have the same permission and you save clicks and possible errors by using one shared permission instead of several groups.

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Re: Gary's question

What page do you want to put the screen capture image on?

A: I want to know if this screen capture can be usefull and if yes, where can I place it in the documentation area (structure). What I mean here Gary is that I see that pianoliv is doing some cleaning in the documentation. Therefore, if he is cleaning up documentation pages, where would this screen capture showing a "menu panel" would fit so that I can add it myself and document it

The rest of your explanation is cristal clear

Re: Torsten's question

What you mean? what bottom text messages?
I meant just that: the bottom text messages refers to the two text labels

Re: Both

Skype would be better.
What I want to do gentleman is a webcast that explains what are the different components of this screen capture.

What I thought of is simple.

First: We speak over skype.

(In the case of Gary, I'll send you a personal msg prior to speaking live)

When we will speak over skype, you'll explain to me what are the different functionalities a tiki administrator has to know about the Menu System so that I can record a screen cast using the Kaltura ScreenCast UI.

Second: We record
I'd like to do a little video of it where we see and hear explanation

Third: Publish in the documentation section (once I know where would this screen capture should be located)

My skype handle is: alittlehelpfrom

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Hi daniam,

What screenshot are you talking about?

If it is related to kaltura/tv.t.o, I am not aware of any existing documentation page on doc.t.o that is related to that so just create a new page there and add to it the ((structure ready)) tag with eventualy a note on where you think it should go in the structure.
Put in that page any screenshot and links to tv.t.o you find usefull. I'll pick up from there.



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Hi Daniel,

I still do not see your problem.

What is the problem with the image you linked:


What you want to do?

link it on A wikipage? -> {img id=585}
respectively {img id=585 optionalparameters=values}

ask a question about creating a menu? -> what exactly would be the problem at this point?

anything else?

Sorry for me not comprehending.


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Then that would be on one or both or these pages:

I'am also not sure I understand the question correctly though, if so maybe could you explain it in French?


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Please see if, not connected, you can access the following sub-directory:


I'm not sure how to restrain the access and that is what I want to do:

I want to do this:

Create a new menu in the horiztal header area.
I want to modify the menu option so that only admins can go to that gallery.

I think I have to add something in the "Section: label: so that only registered admins can see and access this specific sub-directory

Can you help?


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Hi Daniam,

first: menu + visibility

a) menuitem

Just type this:
instead of the parameter-field "Section" into the parameter-field below "Permission"
or limit to the group "Admins" in the parameter-drop-down "Groups" above.

You do not want to restrict visibility to a feature (section wiki, cms, tracker, etc.), but you want to restrict for people who have a certain permission -> member of the group Admins have tiki_p_admin.

As normally tiki-p_admin is a permission exclusive for "Admins", the drop down would be appropriate enough.
The parameter "Permission" is more for permissions that are applied to several groups, so for tiki_p_edit or tiki_p_view etc.

b) module menu

As you said, you want to create a new menu (meaning not just a menu item in an existing menu), you need a module to display the module.

You create a module type menu in tiki-admin_modules.php and restrict it's visibilty to one or several groups (first tab "Basic" under "Edit this assigned module: menu")

second: access

You want to restrain access to the content?

Create a category (as I do not recommend object permissions apart from very rare specific use cases).
For this category you apply so called category permissions.

Category permissions mean, that if applied at least one or more permissions to one or several groups for a specific category, the general global permissions will be overwritten for all objects that are applied to that category.

Thus you restrict access to the categorized objects.

So together:

module + menu visibility of the trigger mechanism (link / url)

category permission access to the object

I hope that this helps you and maybe leads to some enlightenment ;-)


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Tks Torsten, Tks Gary

I'm afraid to break something in the menu system of tv.tiki.org. I was just about to follow your instructions when I found a bug, or is this a bug?

Here is what I see on the tv admin module panel


Should i submit this to the bug tracker "Wish"?


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Yes, it did help.

Tks for the info. Yet, I'm far, far away from knowing how to create a tracker. I want and need to learn how to create a tracker that will register new "interested parties in the tv field".

Here is what I did and you'll need to help me a bit fix what I did not do that I should have done.

1) I read (and re-read) your instructions. They're pretty clear btw. I understood. WoW. Tks so much for your help.

2) I applied the step by step procedure you wrote down. Therere I created:

a) module

b) menu visibility of the trigger mechanism (I'm not sure I succeeded on this one tough)

c) category permission access to the object. ( I totally got lost there. Specially knowing that which is written bellow)

3) Where did I get stuck

I created a new category named: Im the center aka Major Studio

We can find it on tv.tiki.org at:


After I created the said category, I kept getting a "Move objects between categories"

You can see what I did at: http://tv.tiki.org/tiki-edit_categories.php

Oh, btw, I choose "Pretty Tracker Templates" as I remember a bit about the power of Pretty Trackers and we have to remember that the purpose of this excercise:

4) What's love got to do with it: why bother ;-)

I got so lost in the admin panel that I was thinking about Tina Turner signing under the rain her big hit ;-)

Torsten, please remember the purpose of this exercise: The purpose of this exercise is to create a registration form typical for the tv.tiki.org. That registration form will self identify the registrant and show him a menu that is specific to his "raison d'être" (purpose)

That registration form must address "all needs". By "all needs met" I mean that those users coming to visit tv.tiki.org want or identify themselves as being part of the movie making industry. For example, let's say I'm a "frustrated low level job behind the scene prop specialist guy" (LOL) moving lights on top of a ceilings all day and "I have a movie idea I want to see done that will change the way movies are being done"!.

Therefore, I "placed myself in the shoes of someone working in the movie making business" (i.e. someone working in Hollywood for a major studio) and created a category named: Im the center aka Major Studio.

Question: Should it not be a Group that I would have been better to create?

Tks so much for your help.
Now, what's next please?