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Dynamic Items List

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I wonder if someone can help as this is driving me mad! Up until yesterday I had been using v7 and used Dynamic Items Lists quite successfully. So I decided to look at the latest ver so installed it and they just seem broken now. Before I have been using Drop Down Lists on tracker B to link with Tracker A, this no longer works (I assume this is to do with the way the fields are now with the (41) etc after each entry, and if I used Item Link, that does populate the Dynamic Item List but then when I display the tracker contents in a table, if I click on an entry it takes me to Tracker A not Tracker B!

Is there a new way to do Dynamic Lists or is this just broken now?

Any help afforded massively appreciated.

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Maybe some change between Tiki7 and Tiki12?

Please, reproduce your issue in a show.t.o instance linked to your bug report:

using a 12.x version.
As you will see, Tiki7 is no loner supported.

You can create a working instance of Dynamic items list easily by means of applying the profile "Dynamic_items_list_demo"


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I have created 2 trackers to demo this, find them here http://demo.tiki.org/12x/trackers 1st is called Dynamic Items List, this uses item link. The second one of the same name with a 2 suffix uses a drop down list instead of the item link. The drop down list is how we are currently doing it asn ad you can see it plain doesn't work.

Im sure you know but login is admin and 12345

Appreciate your time.

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I did change fieldId3 "Main Category" (from the expenses1 tracker: http://hadleyshope-11661-5122.show.tikiwiki.org/tiki-admin_tracker_fields.php?trackerId=2 ), from "Display: Link" to "Display: Value" as a param.

And set the "subcategory" as a Title field, so that there is a link to display the full item.

Does it make sense for you?

I have no clue how this worked in Tiki7, but this is the way to handle it in Tiki12, it seems.

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Hi Xavi,

I am coming to do this again and having the same issue I cannot remember how you showed me this and dont seem to be able to get to the example.  Are you able to unlock this example for me to see or help me with a new setup?

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This is a perfect work around!

Thank you so so much for your help


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I have recreated a dynamic list which I cannot get to work.  I want to have the list of "regions" pre-populate the list and then when a region is selected it show a list of locations associated with that region.  Can anyone help?

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