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Text Editor has gone.

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I hope some one can help. When I go to edit a wiki page (tiki wiki 12.0) there is no longer a text editor present. All there is, is a blank white box. I have messed around with the WYSIWSYG but nothing seems to work.

The problem seemed to slowly appear. First the WYSISWYG stopped working and there was the default text editor and now nothing works.

On another note, in the "tool bars" page I had some problems an on a number of occasions the little moveable icons were frozen.

Does anyone have any suggestions.

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  • slow internet connection?
  • same issues with Tiki11 (or Tiki9) in your same server?
  • did you check that your server meet the server requirements to run Tiki12? See Requirements and Tiki12, just in case
  • did you try disabling the wysiwyg in Tiki12? If you get lost with all params, run the Admin Wizard
  • did you visit de server check to see any meaninful tip?
  • did you have a look at the apache server logs, if you can access them? (maybe some error there can give you some hint)
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I have been checking this really hard. We are all set up right on the server side. It went well for nearly a month, and then gradually the text editor stopped working.

Is it possible the code for the editor is corrupted? If this is the case how can I go about re-installing that part of TikiWiki?

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Hello Supertopoz;

Try changing the editor skin in the wysiwyg section from the kam to moono.

Take care,
Robert R

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I found out the problem.

Using FireBug in Firefox it was possible to identify piece of corrupted code.

Interestingly the issue raised it's head soon after I added java script for Google analytics found on this page.


Recently we moved server and I tried again. The same thing happened. After adding the Java script code slowly but surely the text editor started to have problems again. I removed the code and all was fine.

Is there something wrong with the code, or is there some issue with the text editor.

Anyway check out FireBug if you haven't done so before, it took our tech guy 10 seconds to find the problem.

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