Re: Re: Re: How do you embed a Mathematica CDF in a Tikiwiki blog post?

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Hi Rick,
Yes https://www.p-brane.com/nano/display56 is the fermidistribution.png file, and the https://www.p-brane.com/nano/display63 is the html code shown in the sample2 iframe command above. The fermidistribution.cdf file is stored in as https://www.p-brane.com/nano/dl55 or as https://www.p-brane.com/nano/display55 depending if you are downloading or displaying it (respectively). I tried the html command as shown in sample3 and sample4 above. It did not produce anything (blank frame).

I have not tried the js plugin and will give it a try. Thank you.

I did get it to work in IE only using the iframe command and the html shown in sample5. The CDF hops around in the frame for some reason. For some reason, this does not work in Firefox or Chrome.

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