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How to display comment rating results for standard registered users?

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Hi! I'm using Tiki 12.0 and want to use the comment rating feature as described in http://doc.tiki.org/Rating -> "Users ratings in Comments".

When I'm logged in as an administrator everything looks and works fine, but as soon as I'm logged in as a standard registered user, I cannot see the rating results anymore.

The obvious solution according to the documentation would be to just activate tiki > tiki_p_ratings_view_results for registered users.
My problem here is now that I really can't find the respective option in the permissions' section - even if I also choose to show the permissions for disabled features.

Any suggestions? Anybody with the same problem?
Might this be a bug?

Thanks in advance,

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Hi Thomas and welcome to the Tiki Community! smile

Can you please reproduce your issue in demo.t.o?

Because I can't imagine why you don't see the "Tiki" related permissions in the permissions page (aside of the "Comments" related permissions).

Or fill in a (potential) bug report in http://dev.tiki.org/Make+a+wish and create a show.tiki.org instance there to reproduce your issue, so that others can check with you whether this is a bug, a configuration issue, and/or a missexplanation in the documentation pages, etc.



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Just to be clear: Only the option tiki_p_ratings_view_results is missing. All the other options are available, c.f. tiki_perms.png.

At http://www.opensourcecms.com/scripts/details.php?scriptid=63, I couldn't find the option, either.

The bug report and the show.tiki.org instance can be found at http://dev.tiki.org/item5165?, but the instance is not configured yet. I'll do it as soon as I have the time to.


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