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Killed my wiki...

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Hi Gurus here...
I killed my (12 LTS) wiki. ;-(
I wanted to limit reading rights to registered users and admins only.
So I removed the read flag for anonymous, not for admins and registered users.
Since that, the whole wiki is not accessible...
When i now call the URL nothing comes, absolutely nothing...

I will reinstall everything (it was not sooo much).

Lesson a) Back-up!
Lesson b) Before you change rights, ask those who know...
Lesson c) Maybe on could find a procedure to exclude the login transaction from read restrictions?

Thank you, for your hints.


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Hi Rin67630,

Maybe you can add a wish in the http://dev.tiki.org , and create a show instance where you reproduce this issue, so that it's easier for devs to help you figure out what was going wrong in your case.

In my case, I've never seen or reproduced what you are talking about.

Cheers, and welcome to the Tiki Community! smile


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Ensure also that you don't have issues with low memory_limit in your php settings at your hosting provider.

See Requirements and try to run the Server Check

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Thank you, I got the same answer in the chat, but with 256M memory limit and an almost empty Tiki that probalbly not very plausible, excepted if the memory drain is caused by an error, am I wrong?