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Tiki Help Isn't Helping

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Sorry, not sure is this is the right place to post, but I am so annoyed at the number of Tiki help links that are broken. Even more annoying is following the instructions only to find that there is no such item on my wiki that the instructions refer to. This has happened several times. I will give an example.

I want to set up mail notifications. I find the tutorial "User Notifications".

It tells me to Enable the feature in "Admin home > Community" but there is no Community anywhere to be found on my admin home. (I am using the latest TW CMS Groupware) I can't even read the tiny url of the image because... well... it's too small for me to read even in the expanded view.

Where is this "Community"? And how do I add it or any other thing mentioned in a tutorial to my wiki/admin home?

Thank you.
WTW (What the Wiki)


I found how to enable the Community item on my adminhome. I only had the advanced preference filter checked. Once I also checked the basic, Community and other things showed up.

Still, in the above example for setting up User Notifications, I have not found a "Notification" feature to select. The closest thing I can find is "Group Alert." Where will I find the Notification feature? No one in our wiki is getting emails, and we would like this set up asap.

Thanks again.

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That tutorial (I wrote it, and it can be improved a lot, for sure) states in the first sentence:

...available since Tiki13.

So you need Tiki13, which hasn't been released yet (it will be, in short, but anyway, I would recommend you to get used to Tiki with Tiki12 LTS (Long Term Support) first.

And about "Admin home", you are right, it's not clear for a new comers where to find it.
Is it better as it is currently written?:

Enable the feature in "Main application menu > Admin > Admin home > Community"

The "Admin home" is also referred in some cases (like the Tiki Setup first screen, once loged as admin in Tiki12+) as "Admin panels"

The documentation is a collaborative effort, so feel free to help the community by fixing the docs. Or at least, reporting the broken links that yuo say that you found.

Thanks and welcome to the Tiki Community!" smile

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The help goes to a version of Tiki that isn't out yet? How confusing!

Well, I went to the Tiki12 link, but don't see anything on setting up Notifications. Are you saying there is no notifications in Tiki12? But there's all these things I find on emailing groups or users, and I cannot seem to get any of them working.

Is there a tutorial on this? I haven't found one yet.

Thanks for the reply.


PS. The learning curve on this is large, and once I feel more comfortable with Tiki, I'll be happy to report broken links.

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Thank you for all the info. I read all those docs before, and again just now.

I already had the user watch and group watch checked on the features. They are not working. I also had them selected on the community page under user features. I also had the watch icon selected on the homepage as a user. No emails have arrived for anyone when I have added something as admin to the homepage.

When I initially installed Tiki, there was a process to check if emailing worked. It did. Everyone has a valid email. So what might the problem be?

I have set my email address in sender email under site identity (gen. admin page).

However, I am not sure what should be in the field under Mail. I had the following: charset - UTF 8, end of line - CRLF, Mail sender - Sendmail. I just switched the last field to File (debug) to see what it would do. It said it had sent an email, but I haven't yet received anything. I haven't tried the SMTP setting, because I can't find any info on it.

On the Mail Notification page, I see a long list of changes made over the past two months, supposedly notices that should have been emailed to me and everyone else. They weren't.

The Add Notification section is not clear to me. The event drop-down does not allow for multiple selection. Does that mean I have to select each individual item and add it as a separate notification? If so, how do I know what ones I have set? There seems to be no record or list to see what notifications I have set already. None of them have worked yet, anyway.

I'm assuming that by selecting email in the destination, then I can type any email address to send the notification to. Again there's no way to select more than one email address, so it looks like again that every person needing notification must be added separately.

If I choose user for the destination then I get to add a user (again separately). I do not understand the text next to the field that is a link to "myself". When I open the link in a new tab, it just goes to the Mail Notification page?

Sorry, this is such a long post, but I want to be thorough. If someone wants access to the site, I can pm the admin login.

Thanks again everyone for your help.

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Hey WTW,

do you still need help, or do you have sorted the problem?


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Sorry Torsten, we've been out of country, so I put this on hold. Yes, I am still not able to email or set up notifications within Tiki. I see there is a new version, so will update, and see if anything changes.

Thanks for following up.


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Okay. I think I need to start with one problem at a time. The upgrade from 12 to 13 will have to wait until I have the time to make sure it all transfers well. But in the meantime...

I'd like to tackle the email problem. I ran the installer again and sent a test email. It worked. But nobody is getting any mail notifications from the site. (I have webmail disabled for now.) I have utf-8 as the charset, CRLF and sendmail in the mail fields. It will send an email to my gmail account. The sending email address on the admin page is the same.

But now how do I get the darn thing to notify members and myself of any new content? The "Mail Notifications" page isn't very clear. A step by step how to would be great.

Nor is it clear whether I should be using sendmail or smtp. And what is the File (debug) option for?

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so you are getting the installer mail, but no notifications?

In Tiki we have the old system "watches" - still active in Trunk (pre-14) and the new system "notifications" - early implementation in 12, enhanced in 13 and pre-14 and mostlikely awesome in 15.

Are you sure, that you have activated one or the other feature and that somebody who is not getting notifications surely is watching some content - ex. a wiki page that is edited and saved as NOT-minor-change (button "save")?

Notifications OR Watches MUST be active and the user will get notifications IF he Watches content or subscribed a notification and content is not saved as minor change ...

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Hi Torsten,

I have both notifications and watches activated. Are you saying that only one should be used? If so, which one? And how do I de-activate one or the other? Is one or the other feature going to be phased out eventually?

Thank you for responding.

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Both should work side-by-side for now.

At least for testing it should not be a problem to have both active, but longterm, for production imho that makes not so much sense to have both (confusing users).


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Did you grant permission to use watches to the users?

Did you test with a testuser that has the permission?
-> viewing a page, edit, save, being notificated or not?

Did you try to reproduce on show.tiki.org (via a bugreport on dev.tiki.org)?

Are you willing to let s.b. review your site (with temporary admin access)?


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I looked at permissions just now, but I see nothing on watches, so no way to grant permissions if there is no box to check like the others in the permissions list. This is so very confusing.

I can't test the testuser if I don't see how to grant permissions.

I can't make a bug report if I don't know what the heck I'm doing. And I suspect it is me not a bug.

Yes, I am willing to let s.b. review the site with temp admin access. What do I need to do? Who is s.b.?

Much thanks again.

The following are enabled in Features - Watches: User Watches, Group Watches and Group Alerts. Under Community the group and user watches are also enabled. So I guess that answers the first question. I have tried many times to test the testuser. No emails were sent.

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A couple of things to try...

First, confirm that the user testuser is actually "watching" the page in question:

  • As the admin, look on the Admin > Mail Notifications page. Is there a line in the Mail Notifications area for the testuser and the particular wiki page? If not, then the user isn't watching the page.
  • As the testuser go to the wiki page that you're trying to watch. Do you see the "Stop Waching" icon (Image )? If not, then the user isn't watching the page.

Now, let's turn on the logging so you can confirm that the emails are being sent:

  • As the admin, enable the Log mail in Tiki logs option (on the Admin: Performance page).

Finally, let's confirm that the testuser's email is set properly.

  • Completely log out of your Tiki.
  • On the Login page, click the I FORGOT MY PASSWORD link.
  • Enter the testuser username.

If you get the automated email, then we're sure that Tiki can send email and that the testuser can receive it.

If you've confirmed that the test user is actually watching the page, you can try some tests. If you do not have the Enable watch events when I am the editor option enabled, then you will need to use a different user account to edit the page.

Edit the "watched" wiki page.

Check the Tiki Log to see if an email was sent.

If everything "worked" but you still did not get an email, you'll need to check the mailbox for your Tiki (as defined by the Sender option) to see if your mail server actually sent the message.


- Rick | My Tiki Blog | My Tiki UserPage

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Hi WTW and Rick,

I got access to the site and did a few tests. Here the short report, as I could not fully resolve the problem yet:

  • The website DOES send e-mail notifications in certain circumstances. The website does NOT send e-mail notifications in other circumstances. Sender e-mail is noreply at sub.domain.com

  • I did not find the new notification system. It seems that this was added only in 13 and not already in 12 ... have been wrong mostlikely.

  • User watches preference IS active
    User watches when creator and user watches when editor preferences ARE active
    Group watch permission IS active, but not tested, as we have a small, yet already productive site

  • I have one user in group "Admins" (thx WTW) and one test user who is "Registered" and has permission to edit for wiki pages.
    Both have proper e-mail adresses
    Both are watching the same wiki page
    Both have been editing and saving (cross-test in several circles)

  • For the admin user I activated a personal notification with the type "send e-mail when a user creates, edits or deletes a wiki page"

=> User watches are NOT working - not one single notification received
=> The personal notification IS working - every single time, since I replaced the sende e-mail from xyz@gmail to xyz at sub.domain.com (actuall noreply@ but this does not matter)

The site seem kind of a fresh installation with a bunch of users, some articles and a few tracker items (I did not look into the trackers).

Nearly all wiki pages are autocreated by the profile manager when a profile - I guess "intranet" was applied.

At this point I am a bit out of ideas, as I did look around different features and sets of permissions and did not any find something, what was not set or possibly conflicting when I compare to any other Tiki site where I have admin permission and use "user watches".

Rick, do you have any other idea?

Best regards to both of you,

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I don't know how, but the watch feature is now working. Everyone gets an email when they chose the watch icon, or when I as the admin assign them a group watch. The email still isn't working as far as I can tell, but we are happy as long as the watch works.

Feel free to look around again if you want to see what has changed since you tried to figure things out for us.

Thank you for all your help.