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Problems with Webdocviewer

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Ok, I have been hitting my head against a wall and not getting anywhere

My goal is to open and display a spreed sheet on a wiki page from a file on our companies local domain share.

Not being able to figure out how to point the viewer to the file I may just use the cluncker solution of doing it from the file gallery and occasionally uploading a new version when it changes.

Unfortunately when I do that it says "Sorry, we were unable to find the document at the original source. Verify that the document still exists."

and gives me a link to directly download the file which works fine.

this is the wiki code I am using {webdocviewer fileId="334"}

Other info on the environment.
This is a company network and the wiki is for local use only. The server is setup behind a firewall. The server is connected to the local domain and pulls its user list from Active directory.

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You're using the Tiki File Gallery to store the file, right? Are you storing the File Gallery items in the DB or File Structure. I suspect a directory-level permissions issue on the server (since the download links works just fine, you say).

Confirm that your permissions on your websever allow full read/write to the directory in which you're storing the File Gallery items.

Also, try using the full URL (instead of the fileId parameter):

{webdocviewer url="http://yourdomain.com/dl334"}


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Thanks, I THINK that may have done it but I won't know until the bandwidth limit resets. I am assuming it is measured by IP? Probably still won't be useful. Thanks though.


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Hello Stephen,

did you have a look at WebODF? We have WebODF integrate in Tiki, which means, that you can open and edit (only very limite) .odf documents which are store in a Tiki file gallery. This refers to for example OpenOffice / LibreOffice Writer (.odt) and OpenOffice / LibreOffice Calc (.ods) documents. NO MSOffice documents.

Right these day there is a discussion in the developers mailing list which developer would have time to do an upgrade to the next WebODF version, which will provide a much wider eiting capability.

Not answering your question, but giving some prospect, I mention that we have aswell integrate together.js, developed by the Mozilla foundation, which allows to simultaneously edit wikipages in Tiki ... I haven't tested it with WebODF, but even if it would not work by now, I am pretty sure that a lot of people would be keen on getting this awesomeness into Tiki before Tiki15 gets released.