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Firstly I apologize if this is posted in the wrong section. I am pretty new at Wiki and I am helping a client update some images on their website.

I was editing a plugin and assigned it to display in the footer of the website.

As soon as I clicked assign, the page went blank and looks like this:

I can no longer get into the Admin of the website and the English side is completely broken.

If someone could help me resolve this problem asap, it would be really appreciated!!

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Looks like you've got a problem with the module (I assume you mean you assigned a module, right)? You can de-activate the erroneous module directly from the database (see my primer for details then fix the problem.

What Tiki version are you using? The current versions should have caught this issue for you.


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Hi Rick,

Thanks for responding so quickly!
I am embarrassed to say I do not know how to access phpAdmin (as your primer suggests).

And yes I believe it is a module, though when I moused over the edit icon it said "edit plugin".
See screenshot for reference.

I can login to the server with Dreamweaver, are there files I could modify there?

Again thanks for your time and assistance, its really appreciated!!

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Alright... How would I access the MySQL?

Again, sorry for my naivety.

I'd be willing to pay you for your time to help me resolve this problem. It's important that I fix this ASAP.

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I am one step closer... I have the Database, username and password.

I just don't know how to access MySQL.

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Hi Rick,

I found the solution and was able to fix everything.

The client originally used Fantastico for install. Once I got the login for that the MySQL was there and I removed the problem.

Thanks very much for your time and patience!!