Modules not rendering correctly

I hope I'm posting this in the right place.

When I'm in the "Modules" layout, everything looks like its supposed to. But when I exit it, everything shifts up, and the word "Menu" is no longer visible and is hidden under the top bar.

See the screen shots to make sense of this.

This just started after upgrading to 11.2 from 11.0.


Hi eunios,

maybe a non-closing div in your custom module?

Btw: you should considdeer to upgrade to 12.2 - Tiki 12 replaced 11 and 12 is LTS (Long Term Support).

PS: you should have a look at Tiki soon to be released pre-14 trunk, which is just a last step to 15 LTS ... why? ... cause since Tiki 13 we have integrated Twitter Bootstraps Responsive Design Framework, which replaces the old design system of Tiki.

Besides other changes and enhancements, Bootstrap makes it much easier to design nice Tiki websites ... and ... I think a Bootstrap base theme might be good for a mx5 miata Wiki ... just thinking ...

Tell me, if the hint with the custom module was helpful, or if you need more help.


No, the custom module just contains an iframe and a break.
That's all.

I did a workaround by simply changing the width of the topbar.jpg from 50px to 20px.

(jeez, the 120 second timer is annoying)



The problem might be that the FiveAlive theme you are using was designed to have a horizontal menu in the area where the black rectangle is, below the site logo and title. That menu may act as a spacer to push down the content of the middle part of the page. I'm just guessing actually because I haven't tested this. I'll check on it and add a default height to the topbar div if it needs it, in the FiveAlive stylesheet.

-- Gary

Thanks - let me know if you end up making a change.