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Can't cache get cleared automatically?

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I have a structure menu on my website: http://tiki.lingtransoft.info

It is very easy to add pages, and yes, I know that every time I add a page I have to clear the cache for it to actually appear on the menu. The problem is that this is a community site, not my personal site. Every user that adds content gets confused when their page doesn't appear. Just today I see somebody added a page, and then added it a second time when they couldn't find the first page.

Am I really the only person struggling with this? It is enough to make me want to quit TikiWiki and go back to DokuWiki. I left DokuWiki because of the easy structure menu in Tiki, but it just isn't logical to have to clear the cache every time you add content.

Any ideas how to resolve this? If I make a cron job to clear the cache, the user will still look after creating a page and won't find it there immediately. If I set the cron job to clear it every five minutes, then what is the point of having a cache at all?

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Could you please explain the process to turn off the cache for a module? I am experiencing the same issue as dhigby.
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I'm sorry, Rick, but the cache field has no effect. I already tried this, setting the cache to 0, but the menu never updates. I mean, never, ever updates, unless the cache is manually cleared.

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I actually did log it as a bug back in October. I don't know what else to do.  I kind of forgot I created the bug report and came here looking for solutions again.


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this gives me headache also in Tiki14, will try to come up with a fix (not sure if it is a bug, but annoying for sure)

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 Hi dhigby, Rick, Gezzy,

I see it as an issue aswell - for the exact same reason as dhigby. I have community websites and it would be great to find some solution, maybe auto-clear-cache for the structure part when adding pages or so.
Maybe finding a different place to cache structures, maybe else ...

I think, we should ask JonnyB, as he did code some parts of the structures, at least the structures drag and drop menu.

There should be at least a button te refresh the structures cache witha permission to those who are allowed to add/delete pages to/from structures.

An auto-clear-structures-cache would be very nice, but that aswell would imho require a seperate cache for structures.

We will see - should be discusse with the appropriate peoople in the dev-list and in the IRC.


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