Calendar Settings

Two questions on Calendars

Could someone direct me on how to set up a public calendar that all visitors to the wiki can see?

I managed to configure an Admin calendar but clearly it isn't showing up when I log out. I did look through the documentation and FAQ - but can't figure out what I'm doing wrong.

Is there a simple way for non-programers to add a Calendar link in the upper menu bar?

United States

To make the calendar visible, you need to assign the appropriate category-related permissions to the group (Anonymous if you want everyone to see the calendar. Please see the docs for details: https://doc.tiki.org/permissions

If you want to add a new link to the calendar in your menu, simply use the Admin Menu page to create the link in your menu. Please see the docs for details: https://doc.tiki.org/menu



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Thanks again!

Everytime I get an answer here, I also learn how to do five other things that I don't have to ask a question about. 

You're the greatest.