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Wiki parsing within WYSIWYG editor

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I have TikiWIki 14 and am using WYSIWYG editor. On one page I want to display some unix code which includes "::" and "--"

e.g. Acquire
http and --options

I have put the lines and selected format as Formatted for that line. However, it is still parsed as wiki text and replaced with respective formatting (-- changes the text to StrikeThrough)

I tried the ~np~ tag, it keeps the characters as it is when I save. However, when I edit the page next time, the ~np~ tag is removed and hence when I save the page, the characters get parsed. There are multiple people editing the page so I can't tell of them to add the ~np~ tag everytime they edit the page.

What is the solution to this?


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This issue is resolved. I had to make some changes to the WYSIWYG Plugin configuration. Earlier some options were not selected:


Content is parsed like wiki page  

Content is partially wiki parsed

Use Wiki syntax in WYSIWYG


After checking these, the text is not getting wiki formatted. My fault that I hadn't checked these options earlier.