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Features / Usability

Tracker field Visible by, Editable by Permissions

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Hi all,
I am quite new on Tiki and I need help on using such tracker field permissions.
I'm using TIKI 14.0.
I created three groups (id:5,6,7) and a tracker with several fields.
For some of such fields I want that can be edited only by users belonging to group with id 5 and visible only to users belonging to group with id 5 and id 6
All the other field of the tracker are visible to all the registered users.

Is it possible to obtain this behaviour only configuring the field permissions without to use wiki page, pretty traders and plug in, but with the default forms and function provided for the trackers by Tiki (i.e. using tiki-view_tracker.php?trackerid=4)?

In addition I didn't find in the documentation the syntax to define the groups to be listed in the tracker field permission "visible by " and " editable. Can You help me?

Thank You in advance

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