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AJAX Error - Page cannot be found

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I apologize if this has already been handled somewhere on here before. I did searches but nothing was useful to fix the issue. It looks like it may be a known but unsolved issue but I'm not sure and I'm reaching out in the hopes that this is solvable.

Whenever I try to create or edit a page using the WYSIWYG editor there is an error at the top "Error(s) Page cannot be found" and in the Edit Page box it says "ajax error" and won't let me edit the page. If I do edit the text and hit "save" then it only saves the "ajax error" text and nothing else. While editing it will add more lines of "ajax error," especially if I click outside of the edit page box. I assume it's trying to autosave.

Interestingly enough the WYSIWYG editor seems to work otherwise - I can bold/underline/italicize the text or change it to a header, I just can't save it.

If I disable the WYSIWYG editor then it allows me to edit the text and save it just fine. This is great for me, but I can't take this to my boss. My coworkers need WYSIWYG.

I've tried in Chrome 46, Firefox 42, and IE 11. I've tried clearing the caches and then tried all three again. I've tried every setup I can think of. I tried different templates.

I don't really know what else to try.

This is a new install with almost no content (mostly test, test1, test2, etc). When I turn on WYSIWYG there are several green checkboxes underneath it including the one for AJAX.

Any suggestions would be appreciated. I like this software and would like to use it at my company, but I can't bring this to my boss the way it is. I've tried others that looked promising and so far Tiki is the best . . . there's just this one little hitch that I have to get past. =)

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You didn't indicate which Tiki version you're using... I just tested on the Tiki Demo Site (https://demo.tiki.org/14x/tiki-index.php?page=myTestPage) and I was able to create a new page and save it, using WYSIWYG.

I would:

  • Use the Tiki Demo site (http://demo.tiki.org) to confirm that the issue is not with your browser (e.g., maybe you have an extension that is blocking something) or your network (maybe a filter issues).
  • Use the Tiki Server Check (http://doc.tiki.org/servercheck) to confirm that there are no issues with your Tiki installation.


- Rick  |  My Tiki Blog |  My Tiki UserPage

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Hi, I tried to respond to this last week but there was something weird going on with the forum.

I actually discovered at least the cause of the issue (after a completely deleting the directory and database and starting over). Although, I don't know what to do to fix it.

It has to do with short URLs / "search engine friendly URLs". I set up everything in Apache as the directions I could find stated to do, and when I turn it on in the admin side it works otherwise, but it breaks the WYSIWYG. It seems to have something to do with the auto-saving.

When I turn off short URLs everything works fine again. So for now I've got short URLs turned off.

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hi beta,
afaik there is a bug that conflicts between WYSIWYG (CKE) and SEFURL.

On tki.org we temporarily have switched off WYSIWIG and left on SEFURL, which I personally find a better workaround than switching off SEFURL and keeping WYSWYG. But such a desicion depends on your userbase and external target group(s).

In this case I recommend you to subscribe to the developer mailing list and follow up there.

I hope, things will be fixed soon.


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Thank you for the information Torsten! WYSIWYG is significantly more important in my setup because otherwise my coworkers would never update anything. As it is I'm going to be doing a lot of hand-holding. Since our setup is completely private, the SEFURLs aren't really that important, and my coworkers don't know enough to miss it. My setup is being used as an internal company knowledge base.

I definitely want both, though. They're easier/nicer to link to.

I have attempted to sign up for the dev list. I haven't received any confirmation or anything so either I did it incorrectly or it's caught in the company spam filter which I don't have access to.

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