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Page links with the word _url_ in it

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I'm hoping someone can help resolve my dilemma, which I'm assuming it's a security feature in Tiki.

I have a wiki page named Url$. I need to create a page link to it (from a wiki page), but Tiki has issues with using [url] and [url$] as links, and any internal or external page link with url as the page name part of the url. (This forum is inserting an into it.)

Does anyone know of a way to get around this?

I've enabled the Allow HTML setting and allowed HTML on the wiki page I'm trying to create a link on, but that didn't help. Maybe there's another option buried somewhere in the settings?

Tiki 14.0


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Hi Sholzy,

you are mixing up external link and wikilink:

External link:

[http://example.com|example of an external link]

Wiki Link

((Example|example of a wiki link))



wiki link: url

external link: url

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Hi, Torsten. Thanks for the reply.

Actually, the reason I was using the square "[  ]" brackets for wiki links is I ran into a few instances where the "( )" brackets did not work for a wiki link and the  square brackets always did work (except this one time).  I guess after creating nearly 1000 wiki page links using  "[  ]" I had forgotten about the other brackets.

I just tried


Inside a FancyTable it does not produce a link. It just shows like the above.

Outside the table it works as expected. 

Since I need it to work inside the table I'll have to figure out another way to get the word Url to work in a link. 

Is there a reason the word "Url" will not work as a wiki link in a FancyTable?