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Meta tag TITLE where ?

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Hello world!

I've been searching for hours but found nothing. :-(
I would like to change the metatag TITLE in the header but didn't found where to reach it in tiki admin!!!

In my case, I saw that there is two parts in the metatag, the name site | name homepage.
I've changed quite easily the homepage name, but not the first part...

- I've looked in the metatag menu, no title choice, just meta keys and description.
- I've looked in the look&feel part and, in the module part "up of the page" (That I used and not the look&feel area) but if it change the logo, logo mouse, title of the site (real, view by browser) and so on, it has no effect on tghe metatag TITLE in the header I view using viewing page source in the browser...

Please, help me...., thanx in advance.


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Hello Luc,

your problem is a classical error 40, as you are referring to "metatag in the header", but the york you are meaning is called "browsertitle".

You find this in "general settings" - "site identity" - in the firsttab.

There you can define wether you want to show the browser title or before or after and you can define the disply mode of the second part of the title (specific first or last, current or description).

If this is not what you are looking for, you might mean th site title, which you find in Look and Feel secons tab.


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JAAAAaaaaa!!!!  Vielen danke!!!!

Gr8, it was exactly what I was searching for....  so simple,.... how could I've missed it ???  =B-O

Well, anyway, it's very important to know this for the reference work.

Thanx again for your fast and fine answer!!!


Bis bald!