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sqlsearch in trackerfilter

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I cannot make sqlsearch work within trackerfilter.

I am running Tikiwiki 14.0 and 14.2 with MySQL InnoDB.

I have a tracker (ID=1) with 4 fields (fields ids 1,2,3,4) which are either "text" or "textarea".

I am trying to use trackerfilter in a wiki page so that users can search for information within the tracker. Setting filters to be /t, /T or /d works .

trackerfilter noflipflop="y" fields="1:2:4" filters="1/t:2/t:4/t" trackerId="1" WORKS

However, I want users to be able to enter text which may appear in field 2 and/or field 4. Reading the documentation on trackerfilter the option to use is a sqlsearch filter. There is an example given in the documentation.

trackerfilter noflipflop="y" fields="1:2:4" filters="(2:4)/sqlsearch" trackerId="1" FAILS

This creates a filter entitled text, but there is no box for the user to enter any text in. There is only a link to the help icon.

I am certain I am probably making a stupid mistake or need to configure the search feature in a different way but I am out of ideas.

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Hi Thom,

Can you please submit a wish about it (potential bug) at Make a Wish, qnd then, create a show.tiki.org instance associated with it, where you can rwproduce the issue?

This way it will be easier to find where the issue might be. Missconfig? Bug? Etc

Thanks and welcome to the Tiki Community! :-)

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Dear Xavi,

Thank you for the response. I have made a wish and created a show.tiki.org for 14.x which reproduces the problem of no area being shown on filter to enter search string.

I have also tested on demo sites for 14.x and 12.x.
14.x reproduces my problem.
12.x does show an área to enter search string although the filter does not work as I expected.

On "my wish" I detailed what happens at both versións.

My show.tiki.org is only for versión 14.x as I couldn´t manage to créate multiple versions. Quite possibly "user error" on my part.