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Tiki Search in Trackers

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how can I do a fulltext search in Trackers?

The normal search works quite well within the Wiki, but I would like to include a tracker as well in the search because it is i kind of knowledgebase as well.

Thanks and regards Klaus

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If I understand you correctly, all you need to do is make the Fields in the tracker searchable.

I have versión 14.0 and in that versión with the default menú:

Trackers > List Trackers > select your tracker from the list > Fields

You should now see a series of columns after the field names (List, Title, Search, Public, Mandatory), checking the one on which is "Search", allows the fields to be searchable.

I hope this helps.

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Thanks for your reply, but the search field is checked. I have also version 14 running.

Now I found the reason for the problem:
at the page Advanced search settings "Exclude all plugins" was checked. now it works very well.

many thanks again.

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Hello again,
sorry, this was only halve the way :-(
I can search the normal tracker fields, but not the comments. Is there another checkbox I have not seen or is it generally not possible?

thanks and regards