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How to add custom fields to Personal Information page

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Hi all,

in the page User Preferences, tab Personal Information, I can see the default information that the user can change.

For my tiki I only need to show the fields User and Real Name. The rest of the information I have hidden by commenting the corresponding lines in the template. I don't know if that is the best way, but it works for me.

Furthermore, I need to add more informaton fields that the user has to fill, for instance the Address and a Telefon Number.

Which is the best way to add this fields into the template and save the entered information in the the database ???

I have seen in tiki-user_preferences.php and in tiki-user_preferences.tpl some lines to get custom fields and put them into the template.

But I don't know how is the process to put the custom fields into the database. Or that is something different as I think ?

Thank you in advance for your help,