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Architecture / Installation

Tiki toggle view in tracker is still failing in update 16.2

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So I updated today tiki from version 16 to 16.2 and the "toggle view" in the tracer is still failing..
Please view the short screen cast i created below to show the issue:

Thanks! wink

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It was working for me after the fix I committed.

Please, reproduce in a show.tiki.org instance. See links above

And you may have version 15.2, but not 16.2 which has never been released

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Hmm... (what the hell confused) I'm confused now...

And you may have version 15.2, but not 16.2 which has never been released

I did download the 16.2 package I'm pretty certain i did.. and ran the install - upgraded the database etc. But when I go and check now, i see this:
Tiki Version
which is very weird,

So back to square one again ; I suppose.. I do honestly not know how this could happen. redface

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Oh, sorry i did forgot to mention that the login doesn't work on the link you gave me.

Thank you very much! smile

Appreciate your help!

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Hmm that is very interesting Xavier, because your test site tracker does exactly the same behavior as mine!! wink

Please view the screen cast I made for you: smile

As you can see your test site mixes up the status items too instead of just listing open, pending or closed items in each list view.

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Mmmm, it was designed to add/remove the items with the status selected to the results.
If you had only green (open) items, and you click on yellow circle (pending), it will add the pending to the list, so that open (green) and pending (yellow) will be shown.

If you want to see only the pending ones, and you were seing the open ones, then you need to click twice: once at the yellow circle to add the pending (yellow) items to the list of results, and another time on the green circle, to hide the open items from the list.

What is pending to fix is a way to indicate which status filters are active.

https://dev.tiki.org/item5984 - "15.x UI Regression: no visual indication of which tracker item status filters are applied"

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Right ok, thanks for explaining that to me.

For me it just makes more sense that the toggle view only list pending items when you click yellow and only open then you press green etc.

Alright then, thanks a lot again, for clarifying that Xavier!

Have wonderful day! biggrin

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