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plugin LIST and multiple FORMAT display categories

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Hello! I am new to Tiki and have searched the docs and the forums for an answer, but if I missed the answer please point me to how you found it so I can search better next time.

My issue is that I am trying to use a LIST to display details of wiki pages. I have put in two FORMAT commands that display assigned categories. When the list renders the output shows only the results of one of the formats.

Here is the LIST:

   {filter deepcategories="1"}
   {filter type="wiki page"}

   {column field="name"          label="Name"            mode="raw"}
   {column field="description" label="Description"}
   {column field="craft"            label="Craft Type"        mode="raw"}
   {column field="status"    label="Status"                   mode="raw"}

   {display name="title" format="objectlink"}

   {display name="description" default="No description"} 

   {display name="categories" format="categorylist" requiredParents="18"  singleList="y" default="Not set"}

   {display name="categories" format="categorylist" requiredParents="6" singleList="y" default="No flight status"}


Here is an example of the output:

NameDescriptionCraft TypeStatus
AmazonNo descriptionRocketRocket
CrossfireNo descriptionRocketRocket

To be clear, the "Status" column should not contain the word Rocket.

Thank you!


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Include all display calls within the same FORMAT subplugin, maybe?

And use something different for your status categoey field to avoid potential interferences with the trackers' own status feature and keyword?

Just some guesses, hth

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Ah, forgot it: and welcome to the Tiki Community, Nathan! smile
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Thank you for the welcome!

I tried both of those ideas and it seems as though things are even worse than I thought. I removed all content from the page, saved, and then rebuilt the list to have only the name and status columns and I still get the data from the other category. I have cleared both the tiki and browser caches. There must be something I am missing.

Any other ideas to try?

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